Why Book A Horse Riding Holiday

Escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life to go on a horse riding holiday must be a daydream that many horse lovers indulge in on a regular basis. Especially during the winter, when skies are grey and temperatures low, an equestrian holiday in the sun, breathing sparkling clean air, discovering the mouth-watering local cuisine and excellent local wines while riding trough a varied and inspiring landscape on well-schooled and well-loved horses certainly sounds very tempting. Most horse riders take one or more of the following points into account when they book a horse riding holiday:

Going on a horse riding holiday to discover and explore a new country

Most riders enjoy the challenge of travelling to a country yet unknown and are enchanted by the very different scenery often only accessible on foot or on horseback. It does not necessarily have to be a far-away country like Mongolia, Botswana, Ecuador or the Australian outback. Not every one can afford a horse riding vacation to one of these exotic locations. Often a neighbouring country or even a different part of their own country will provide enough adventure to ensure an unforgettable riding holiday.

The chance to meet the local horse people and learn more about their culture

Horseback riding holidays often offer the opportunity to meet and talk with the local people and attend local events like festivals, horse shows and horse fairs. Guests are introduced to the typical food and wines of the region during the holidays on horseback and hosts share their passion for their country, their horses, their riding discipline, their language and their culture.

The option to ride a different breed of horse and discover a different riding discipline

In Spain and Portugal horse riders can ride Iberian horses and learn more about classical dressage, in Argentina they can ride polo ponies and learn more about the game, in America horse lovers can ride quarter horses and discover barrel racing and reigning, in Poland horse riders can try their hand at endurance riding - whatever discipline or breed of horse one is interested in, there will be a horse riding vacation that suits. Who has never dreamt of riding a magnificent Friesian horse across endless green meadows (think Black Beauty) - on a horse riding holiday this dream can become reality.

The opportunity to attend a local equine or equestrian event

Many horse lovers travel each year to large annual events like the horse fair in Jerez, Spain or the one in Golega, Portugal. Sporting events are also popular, like the Pau 5-day 4 star eventing competition in south-west France, especially if combine with either trail riding of riding instruction.

Booking a Horse Riding Course to improve one's riding ability by attending a structured horse riding course, to increase one's understanding of horses by attending a natural horsemanship course or to maximise one's horse riding confidence by attending an equine-assisted confidence coaching course.