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Finding the best way to start your children horse riding can be a bit daunting at first, especially if you know little about how to go about it.

When your child first asks you if they can start horse riding lessons and have their own pony, the most common questions that pop into YOUR mind are usually...

Horse Riding For Beginners How do you start?

Horse Riding For Beginners Where do you go for safety information, advice and guidance on horse riding lessons for your children?

Horse Riding For Beginners What do you need to know if you???ve never had ANY experience of horses, horse riding or horse ownership?

Horse Riding For Beginners How much will it cost?

Horse Riding For Beginners Who do I talk to who???s done this before and can give me sound advice?

It???s safe to say you want to give your child every opportunity in life and want the satisfaction of seeing your child progress and become really involved at something they enjoy.

But if you???re not careful, you can start off on the wrong foot and go round in circles spending lots of time, effort and money making basic mistakes.

Now, luckily for you, I can save you all that aggravation in one fell swoop...

.See, it all started for us back in 2001, when my daughter asked if she could start to learn pony riding.

As parents who wanted to give her as many experiences as possible in life, we decided to get her started.

But We Didn???t Know Where To Begin...

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We had no personal experience of horse riding to call upon to get things rolling and we soon found it really time consuming and frustrating trying to find the right help and support we needed.

Now, nine years later, we???re a lot wiser, having spent considerable time and money researching the right stables, finding the right combination of quality facilities, expert teachers and value for money.

And recently it dawned on me I had a lot of knowledge to share with other parents just starting out getting their children involved in this sport.