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War Horse - An Odyssey Born out of Enmity, Sealed by FriendshipВ В  by Lee Lane-Edgar

in Computers / Computer Games В В  (submitted 2012-01-03)

How far can a pedigree influence or limit one’s life and career? When it does, it’s obvious and anticipated but when it doesn’t, it’s inspirational. The magnificent Steven Spielberg directional produce that narrates the chronicles of a horse’s journey through varying hands during a time waged by World War I is what all of you are invited to indulge in this year.

Nominated for the Grammys and the Oscars soon after its American release, “War Horse” is by far one of Spielberg’s best characteristic directions, a narration that depicts the central character, a thoroughbred, Joey’s story, through one of mankind’s worst nightmares, a worldly debacle witnessing him transcend from the farm lands to the battle fronts.

The script, set in the lovely county of Devonshire, shows the Naracott farms raise the newly acquired thoroughbred far beyond affordability owned by a humble farmer Ted, played by the distinguished European actor and filmmaker, Peter Mullan. Joey, the horse, is brought home to a family of three; the farmer himself, his wife, Rose played by English actor Emily Watson and a son, Albert played by British actor Jeremy Irwine. For obvious reasons, Rose doesn’t seem to be in complete agreement over the dear purchase but the son, Albert, and the horse come close, so much that their friendship redefines the bond man and animal share.

With the onset of the World War I, Ted is forced to sell his horse to payback his rents and the journey unfolds. Joey sets off on an adventurous journey that brings him face to face with the gruesome reality of wars, battles and bloodshed; he comes across people from different walks of life, each one of them becoming a part of his life on common grounds of war; Albert commissions himself to the army to find his friend and a soul inspiring odyssey starts.

Of the most exciting characteristics Spielberg’s works exhibit, his precision is outstanding. Highly distinguished actors from the British, German and French background form the fundamentals of this Spielberg’s project. He beautifully plates up the extreme emotion and sentimentality in the Albert-Joey bond backed by the horror the world war spread and the impact it created on the lives of different people the story brought along with.

Based on the novel ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo, and also screen played as a stage adaptation, the story happens to have brought Steven Spielberg to tears. No doubt the perfectionist has captured every bit of the heart wrenching story with such accuracy that the audience can’t elude from it. The movie’s title scores come from the bandwagon of John Williams who has composed some critically acclaimed tracks for movies like Harry Potter, Jurrasic Park and the Indiana Jones series.

The movie boasts of magnificent dedication in narration, choicest selection of crew and a handpicked cast, noted and highly renowned names associated with the production and of course, the incredible work, a signature characteristic of Spielberg.

However, the audience, the decisive segment that will judge the movie’s impact at the box office as well as on life generally, sometimes, may tend to overlook the fact that every phase of adventure, suffering and battle that a horse like “Joey” confronted, highly contradicts his pedigree. While he was born to race, he whole-heartedly accustomed to ploughing in the farms with his master, Ted, playing in the farms with Albert, waging wars with his military chiefs and also bringing hope and rescue to the varying people he met during his journey.

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Horse racing has been the sport of kings being sustained primarily by the fine species of these wonderful animals who participate to keep the tradition alive. Be it a win at a reputed tournaments or a trailing finish behind a field of mediocre, race horses always exhibit the guts to challenge, a fact none of us should underestimate.

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So while War Horse touches lives with its beautiful story about Joey, let’s go back to our equine roots and re-discover the hidden enthusiast in us.