Read Virtual Horse Player Testimonials to Register With Game Sites Today

There is an enormous assortment of virtual horse race gaming websites available on the internet. Online horse race games swank the best 3D effects and most of them are free from spyware and malware. While these games are usually free to download, you have to register with the gaming portal in order to become a member of their interactive, online horse racing community.

Virtual horse racing games are generally designed, keeping in mind the views and suggestions of leading jockeys, trainers and horse owners. This is necessary and helps to give a realistic touch and feel to the game. When the designers work in collaboration with top industry connoisseurs, who are expert in the sport of horse racing, the end result is the best virtual horse race gameplay you have ever experienced.

Playing online horse race games is an excellent way of acquiring more knowledge about horse racing. While it enables novice as well as experienced horse fans to learn more about the sport, at the same time it also lets you have lots of fun and some great adrenaline-pumping action. Besides this, you can also try your hands at virtually breeding some really amazing sires and dams like Seattle Slew and Rags to Riches.

The virtual Jockey Tournament offers you the chance to experience what a real jockey has to go through and the quick decisions that he has to make while riding popular champion fillies and colts like Zenyatta and Man o' War. Similarly, the Bettor Tournament is ideal for all those horse gamblers who share a passion for wagering on champion thoroughbreds in major Stake races.

Before registering with any virtual horse race gaming website, it is recommended that you first go through the virtual horse player testimonials section of the site. This way you will know what the industry experts have to say about the games.