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Horses Require Veterinary Care Prior To And Throughout PregnancyВ В  by Mike josaf

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Horses are beautiful, majestic animals that require pre-natal care just like humans. They need regular examinations to ensure healthy formation and delivery of their foal. Equine practices have multiple horse vets on hand to properly examine, and ultimately deliver, your horse's precious colt.

They offer many services for pregnant horses and horses that are being prepared for pregnancy. The multitude of services includes uterine culture and biopsy, breeding soundness examinations, routine breeding, and treatment of breeding related problems such as endometritis. They can also perform deep horn insemination of cooled and frozen shipped semen. Additionally, a horse vet at an equine practice could help schedule your mares' ovulation. This would ensure that insemination could successfully take place, even with only one dose of semen. Knowing for certain an absolutely accurate time for breeding your horse saves time, money and frustration.

Most equine practices provide 24 hour emergency treatment for slow or difficult labor deliveries, and their reproductive centers will care for high risk pre labor mares. Many even offer subsequent care for both mare and foal. While in the care of a veterinarian, you can rest assured that both your horse and her foal are in good hands. All veterinarians are equipped with nasotracheal tubes and ambu bags to perform resuscitative actions, if necessary. Neonatal care includes verification of immunoglobulin G, which is a class of circulating antibodies which pass through the placental wall to the fetal circulation system. This antibody is crucial in providing defenses for the immune system for the period of infancy. Also included in neonatal care is treatment of diarrhea, plasma administration, neonatal maladjustment syndrome, neonatal sepsis and isoerythrolysis (a condition in which isoantibodies destroy red blood cells), pneumonia and colic. They also have the ability to conduct a muscoskeletal examination in order to evaluate and ensure the correct formation of foals and recommend treatment of any abnormalities.

Horse veterinarians have the expertise and tools to properly care for your pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant horse. It is important to utilize the valuable services that they provide in order to maintain the health of both mare and foal. Animals depend on their humans, and trust them to put their health and safety first. Maintain that bond of trust by bringing your horse to a veterinarian for proper care.

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