Sell Your House And Rent It Back

Selling your house and renting it back through us can give you the comfort of not having to leave your home, or provide an income boost for those who might want to cash in equity without downsizing. You can rent your house back for as long as you need it at the current market value with no upfront costs.

Rent back in short is when you sell your house and rent it back. A rent back solution is a flexible scheme that can benefit many different situations. You can sell your house without moving out and rent it back. You have also the benefits of remaining in your house throughout the entire process.

Most rent back providers even insure the house for you! Surely a feasible alternative to an emergency 'sell house quick' approach. Sell and rent back is only offered subject to terms and conditions.

Sell your house to any rent back service provider and you can remain in your house as a tenant for as long as you require, solving your financial simply and easily. Make sure you choose a sell and rent back services that suits your needs. Alternatively you may select a solution that also allows you living in your house rent free for a period of time.

If you are considering an Equity Release scheme, you should know that these are usually aimed at the elderly, are extremely complicated and are not always financially beneficial.

Alternatively, if you are considering re-mortgaging rather than selling you house to rent it back you run the risk of increased costs as interest rates are predicted to rise The global credit crunch has drastically reduced the amount of mortgage products available in the financial market and 'good deals' are hard to come by.

Make sure you select a simple, effective and stress-free rent aback solution so you do not have to leave your house whatever your circumstances.