Horseback Riding Techniques - Tips For Total Horse Riding Newbies

My life is blessed. I have owned horses and been horse riding since I was a young girl. I can't imagine life without them. They make me laugh, they give me love, and after a hard day at work, there is not a greater stress relief than saddling up and going for a ride. Together we share a deep bond.

While horses are second nature to me, many people are mystified by horses and horse riding. They are big animals that look intimating, and the idea of getting on a horse's back is frightening. To many, horseback riding is intimidating, or worse, some are fearful of horses. It is not your fault. You are simply reacting to a lifetime of what you have seen and been told.

The very fundamental basis to mastering horse riding techniques starts on the ground long before you even think about getting on a horse... It begins with a good eduction about the horses mind and how they think.

We all like to humanize our pets, and it is no different with horses. We tend to transfer our ways of reasoning and our emotions to the horses. This is the first great mistake many new horse riders do, and it is the worst thing a horseman can do.