Sell and Rent Back Solutions

Sell and rent back is the process of selling your house to a company or individual and then renting it back. This can give you the comfort of not having to leave your home after getting into financial difficulties or can provide an income boost for those who might want to cash in the equity in their home without downsizing to a smaller property.

Typically, you can rent your house back for as long as you need it at the current market value with no upfront costs or the upheaval associated with moving home.

A rent back solution is a flexible scheme that can be a benefit in many different situations. You can sell your house without moving out and rent it back. You also have the benefits of remaining in your house throughout the entire process. This can be good for several reasons, personal and financial and can give you the breathing space needed

Most rent back providers even insure the house for you which can be a feasible alternative to an emergency 'sell house quick' approach which often leads to a significant financial loss.

Like all financial transactions, It is important that you do your research and choose the best sell and rent back scheme for your needs. Have a list of requirements that you need fulfilled before talking to a potential rent back company and it is always good to speak to at least three different providers to get a feel for the market and the types of offers that can be available. Some solutions enable you to live in your house rent-free for a period of time for example.

If you are considering an Equity Release scheme, you should know that these are usually aimed at the elderly, are extremely complicated and are not always financially beneficial.