The Importance of Formal Horse Riding Lessons

Horse riding is an incredible joyful experience. Learning to ride gives you a sense of mystical pleasure as you are able to communicate and become one with the horse.

Lessons are not just for professionals or competitive riders, even the occasional rider can enjoy the benefits of a lesson. Riding lessons enable a person to develop their skill in communicating to the horse with aids.

Lessons can help you to correct any bad habits you have picked up over the years. Formal horse riding lessons give you the advantage of having some one who is trained in horsemanship, watch you and guide you.

Many times a rider can feel that their horse is not moving correctly, but may not be sure how to change it. An instructor has all the tips and expertise to get you and your horse moving in the correct direction.

When you start to ride it can be the beginning of a lifelong love. A single accident can change the entire experience and put a complete stop to your desire to ride. I remember when we had a horse and my neighbor came over to ride with me. My father an in-experienced horse person put both of us up together, bareback.

Well in no time at all we both fell off and my neighbor refused to ever get back on a horse. If you have any doubts, concerns, fears or apprehension when you are first starting to ride, you will be able to work through these and overcome them in a controlled environment of a formal riding lesson.

Now I am not saying that you will never fall off when you are taking a riding lesson. I think that I fell off more in lessons than any other time in my riding adventures. However the horses that are used in riding lessons are accustomed to beginner riders.

When you are first starting to ride you can tend to bounce like a ball on and off of the saddle, so falling off is quiet natural. If you get on a horse for the first time in an open field and lose your balance, a horse can respond in various ways.