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Horse Riding Apparel What To Look Out ForВ В  by Benjamin Wise

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Horse Riding Apparel

Any type of horse riding usually begins with the rider buying riding clothes. Even a person simply going for a pleasure ride will benefit from the correct riding apparel. Horse riding apparel protects you and is designed specifically for being on a horse. Comfort and protection come in several styles and designs.

Depending on your style of riding whether western or English, your wardrobe will look slightly different, but consist of the same basics.

Riding Pants - Breeches, Jods and Jeans:

Jodhpurs (English Riding) could be described as kind of riding pants. The legs on these pants extend all the way to the ankles. At the end of the pants there is a cuff. This cuff fits over the top of a low riding boot. Modern breeches (English Riding) are skin-tight; they have either zippers or Velcro fastenings where they end at the calves.

Riding Boots:

Typical English riding boots are long to prevent the saddle leathers from chaffing the leg of the rider. The heel of the boot protects the rider's foot from sliding out of the stirrup and the toe should be sturdy to protect the rider's foot when on the ground. The sole of the boot is smooth enough so that in the event of a fall, the rider's foot will not be caught on the stirrup.

Western riders wear cowboy boots. The heel of the boot varies depending on the style of boot, such as the "roper" style heel that is similar to that of English boots.

Riding Shirt:

Riding Shirts can come from your existing wardrobe unless you are riding in competitions where a more formal type of show shirt is called for.


A riding helmet is an essential part of riding; it is specifically designed to protect your head. Do not overlook the use of a helmet.

Riding Chaps:

There are two basic types of chaps - full or half length. Chaps in the case of full length is used to protect the complete leg whilst working; they also help to keep the legs warm and dry. Half chaps are worn with Jodhpur boots. Jodhpur boots are short and the chap covers the leg from the ankle, overlapping the boot slightly, up to the knee. Half chaps provide protection to the leg from chaffing and help the jodhpurs stay in place whilst riding.

There is no harm in checking out what is in fashion and what is not. You do not want the focus placed on you in a show ring instead of the horse. Many local tack shops stock new and used riding apparel for you to try out. What ever your budget your ride will be far more comfortable in the correct horse riding apparel.