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Horse Riding Protective VestsВ В  by Sean Prenderville

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Horse Riding Protective Vests

If you are just starting to ride horses either for pleasure or for work, then you have learned that you need certain horse riding attire for a more comfortable ride. Everyone has told you about boots, pants, shirts, even chaps, but there are very few experts that will recommend horse riding protective vests.

Protection against the weather

Horse riding protective vests is probably one of the most important elements in your riding attire. The worst scenario is you can be having this incredible ride, and then get stuck in either a snowstorm or a rainstorm and get drenched. Using a vest will help protect you against the weather elements.

Exposure to extremely cold temperatures can be very dangerous and many outdoor sportsmen have developed some serious health problems because they underestimated the weather. This is also true for the horse riding sport. Today there are many different horse riding protective vests made of special fabrics that will keep the body temperature warm. Some protective wear even use electricity to keep the clothing warm, the power source in such vests comes from lithium batteries.

Horse riding protective vests made from this material are great for the riders because the material has a self-regulating heating mechanism.

Protect Against Injuries

There are other good reasons why you would want to wear horse riding protective vests. A vest will help prevent back injuries. They cannot fully prevent a torso or back injury but they can reduce the impact that you take from a fall. Many of these vests are made with high-density foam inside the vest and this helps absorb the jolt from a fall.

These vests have some sort of special closure; these can both be laces, buckles, snaps and even hook and loop. It really depends on the look you want. Many of them also have shoulder pads and these are detachable, but many people don’t really like these because they say the shoulder and arm pads restrict movement.

Most protective vests have panels and protection for special body areas such as the spine, kidneys and sternum. Rodeo vests even have special protective panels that help deflect bull’s horns.

Horse Riding Protective Vests as a Fashion Statement

Horse riding protective vests are becoming quite fashionable among the riding community. People choose them to state something personal. They come in different styles and colours and are now seen as something that can not only protect you when horse riding, but as a must have if you really take the sport seriously.

In conclusion, there are many types of riding apparel and among one of the most important items is the protective vest. It serves several purposes, the horse riding protective vests can give you warmth, protect you against the rain, wet and brush, but can also protect you should you fall or be thrown from the horse.